16 plots, 8Ha (20 acres)
Soil type
Gravelly shale, clay and quartz
Approx 350-400 metres
A diverse range of microclimates and soils

Peerick Vineyard

Vineyard Production

The vineyard is well-established with uniform growth and consistent yields. Major inputs utilised in our production cycle include hand-pruning, hand-picking & the use of the extensive irrigation infrastructure when required. The vineyard is irrigated from 3 dams (located on site). These are fed from natural rainfall flowing in from the State Forest on the property’s Western boundary. Insecticide and fungicide applications are kept to a minimum and applied as preventative applications. While not organically certified we abide by organic practices and the use of certified products.


A major positive of our soil is its ability to retain water. The mix of free draining topsoil overlaying deep clay provides a foundation for retention of moisture to support balanced vine growth & ease irrigation management.


An inland location, low midsummer humidity and diurnal temperature ranges in spring and early summer, result in a climate warm enough to give concentration and power, yet cool enough to supply vibrancy and elegance.

Robust Vines

Disease pressure is low due to favourable climatic factors. Long, warm days and cool evenings provide perfect conditions for ripening grapes. This helps to produce robust vines that require less chemical intervention.


We have over 18,000 vines in total, producing around 50 tonnes of fruit annually. All the vines are hand-pruned and the fruit is hand-picked from the 2nd week of March.


The site ranges from 337 metres on the Northern boundary to two peaks of around 470 metres both at the rear of the property. The vineyard itself sits on a contour lying between 345 and 375 metres above sea level.


Our mission is to produce limited quantities of premium wines. As well as vines trained and pruned to enhance natural fruit flavours, we use the best European and American oak, carefully combined to provide elegance & sophistication.

Peerick Vineyard

The Location

Peerick is located at 155 Wild Dog Track, Warrenmang, in the heart of the highly regarded, but relatively unknown Pyrenees wine-growing region of Central Victoria. It is adjacent to a State forest on the southern edge of the Great Dividing Range. 2 hours northwest of Melbourne.

Our address

155 Wild Dog Track, Warrenmang, VIC 3478, Australia Cellar door open: 11am-4pm weekends & public holidays